Order vs Clutter

Are you structured, planned, organized? What about your home or business?

How to be in order and have a simple life ... Organization


Planning, structure, system, storage system … Organization

The Organization at All Sorts!

“The human being being what they are often make funny choice! It calls for:
-a doctor when he is sick
-a plumber or electrician when his house acts up
-An accountant or lawyer to be well protected or better advised…
But do not appeal to an organizer, structured and well planned when it needs to put its house in order or his business.

I’m an organizer and not a housekeeper! I offer a tailor-made consulting, training or management service for a small or very large project. The organization can be physical as in a wardrobe or office space, but can just as easily be virtual as in an email box or set up a distribution schedule content for social networks.”

Anick Giroux