4 tips for bringing order and improve your well-being

Have you ever paid attention to how many objects, things and stuff of all kinds accumulated in your home? Do not worry, we are many in this case! In the most extreme cases, we speak of syllogomanie (obsessive compulsive disorder which leads to amass a large number of unnecessary objects even if their accumulation causes major discomfort, cf. Wikipedia).

The disorder can cost you time and money, but it also pollutes your space and well-being. A messy room is symptomatic of a disordered life. Here are 4 tips to put order in your home and improve your life.

1. Do not hesitate to get rid of what is useless. If something you have not used the last 6 months, there are great chances that it will never do. I’m not talking about Christmas lights of course, but rather clothes, bags or boxes of all kinds, for example. Above all, do not fall into the trap of “it can be used one day”, because in reality it will probably not do for years, and you will not find what you need on the day you need it!

2. Throw (or sell, or give) as and as you receive, rather than leaving piles and piles forming everywhere! This is the method I have adopted for myself to find in my papers, otherwise it’s a viscious circle . It is particularly effective against the accumulation of commercials!

3. Organize what you keep. Nobody can not (or do not want in general) throw everything, so we must organize and store everything you care, one way or another. Every thing must have (or find) place. Something that would have no particular place will find themselves traveling from pile to pile without ever really asking, and it will continue to bother you as long as it has not been stored. No need for a revolutionary, just a little common sense. For example, decide that this shelf is designed to store DVD. So each time you buy or receive a DVD, or if you find one in tidying, you know exactly where to put it.

4. Lastly, you can sell or give away anything that is useless. It’s spring, flea markets and other attic began to organize around, enjoy! Alternatively, you can give that is still in good condition to charity. Some associations are even seeking objects at home, if you can not go.

Test these ideas, I’m sure you will not regret it!

N.B.: Give me some news!


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