A day to put the house in order

Summer clothes are still appropriate but warmer clothes begin to interfere in the drawers and cupboards, helping to create a real mess.

If intensive use of the barbecue kept you away from the kitchen during the summer, this piece becomes the hub of the household with the many lunches and meals simmer. Besides the bathroom, which is again storming early morning by children and adults.

How to order in? And most importantly, how to maintain this order for at least a few months, without your storage efforts are deployed in vain? Here are some tips that will help you see more clearly!


The kitchen is the central room of the house, the one where everything goes and everything returns. It includes many dishes and food, accounts payable, mail, newspapers, flyers, textbooks, toys…. In short, this is the part tote home! Attack it with strategy!

1. Plastic containers

Of all shapes and sizes, storage plastic containers is a real headache. The rickety stack has not been proven, you need another solution. Eliminate all the dishes first colored or distorted by too many passages in the microwave and all those you can not find the cover. Calculate the number of pots of yogurt and margarine hanging in your closets and you never use. Are they really necessary?

Then, build strategic batteries, from largest to smallest, as usual. The dishes used for leftovers and lunches on one side, those for food storage in the fridge (cold meats, chopped vegetables, desserts, etc..) On the other. What to do with the lids? Stack them and place them in each group the same type of dishes. There are also various types of media to cover that simply install the inside door of the cabinet. Ideally, choose containers carry a single brand, which fit easily into each other. Store containers in a low cabinet or, preferably, in a deep drawer to avoid overflows. Book this space only to plastic containers.

2. Pans

Keep the pots and pans used most frequently in the drawer of the stove or in a drawer near the stove if you do not have a conventional cooker. Book a large wardrobe (bottom) for the storage of other pans use less frequently. If possible, store each pot capped (reverse) of the lid. You can also use media to cover the inside door of the cabinet, install a plate rack on a shelf and put these covers or align vertically in a wire basket placed at the bottom of the cabinet. Ideally, install turntables in cabinets for storage more efficient pans.

3. Paperwork

Provide a vacuum-bag (small bowl, pot, basket or box) for keys, money, cell phone, wallet, etc.. or vacuum-bag per person if the household houses adolescents. Book a kitchen drawer to store it where the paperwork pens, rubber bands, stamps, tape and scissors in common use. Take care to place small baskets or plastic dividers in the drawer in order to maintain order. Use a magazine rack for storing newspapers and flyers and do not hesitate to put them in the recycling if they abide in the kitchen. Use a separator office to sort the mail every day, taking care to identify sections so that the whole family participates in the ranking (eg incoming mail, outgoing mail, bills to pay, reading materials, from paper school, advertising, etc..).

4. The pantry

Group foods on the shelves in the pantry based meals. So, book shelf for all food breakfast (cereal, oatmeal, jam, peanut butter, etc..) For another meal of pasta (pasta of all kinds, sauces in pots or bags, etc. .) and another for lunches (canned tuna, crackers, granola bars, instant noodles, snacks, etc..), one for meals every day (rice, bags of fast food, preserves, sauces, etc.. ) and another (the top, for example, because these products are used in months) for the baking ingredients (flour, baking powder, chips and chocolate squares, nuts, dried fruit, etc.)..

Choose a cabinet or shelf set high for treats (chips, chocolate bars, popcorn, tortillas, etc.).. They are less accessible to children and less visible when lil ‘hollow! If the pantry overflows, first check the expiry dates of products, some of which may be outdated. Donate your non-perishable products, but unpopular with you to an organization that helps the needy. Finally, add a cabinet for additional storage as needed. It is better to have a lot less crowded shelves shelves too little attic. The number one rule for the pantry, you should always see EVERYTHING you have in inventory. A tip: use a system of stackable shelves arranged in stairs for storing cans and a box of plastic drawer for storing small packages. This will maximize storage space while keeping an eye on the products.

5. Dishes

Book upper cabinets for storing pots, dishes, cups and glasses. Remove the decorative dishes (platters, decorative plates, napkin rings), thematic (crockery holiday) and classy (your porcelain service that you use only on special occasions) of the kitchen cabinets. These should be used only dishes everyday utility. Keep this dish in a casual dresser or a buffet in the dining room or in a cabinet in the basement. Use stackable plastic shelves for easy storage dishes in the cupboards.


Frequent passages in the bathroom always end in disarray. How to make this piece functional and orderly? First, each family member must find its own storage area. It takes the form of a basket, locker, bag hanging on the wall or drawer with dividers, a storage area must be assigned to each. It will include cosmetics, creams, hair products and other specific to each. Use the pharmacy as well as cabinets and drawers of the vanity to store common products. Multiply the use of small containers to store various objects, such as tweezers, nail clippers, razors, nail files, hairbrushes, medicines, etc.. Hang bags and baskets with hooks suction on the walls around the tub ceramics to store various shampoos, shower gel and bubble baths. Use the doors to attach hooks and rods can hold towels and bathrobes. Finally, do a sort out your cosmetic products and keep only those that you commonly use. Store items fragile or expensive in boxes.


Children are the kings of the accumulation of goods not always helpful and their room is often crowded kingdom. Rule number one: eliminate the superfluous in small doses but steadily.

1. Remove

Lint were not displaced for months, dust accumulates on the half-toys and clothes two sizes too small, crammed into drawers and closets. Give what is in good condition, sell that still has value or discard what does not more, but regularly get rid of all that no longer popular with your children.

2. Store

Arm yourself with solid storage bins on wheels to store toys. Multiply the decorative elements that allow storage: hooks (for jackets, caps, toques, scarves), shelves (for books), baskets (for lint, block play, puzzles, etc.)., Hutch with shelves on the desk, bookcases, storage bins and other gadgets combining vertical decoration and storage.

Use storage bins on wheels that slide under the bed to store spare sheets and blankets, which will make room in lingerie and you will not look for the matching bedding set.

Create a memory box in which you keep the crafts, photos, drawings, maps and writings of each child.


Alert The office is where the risk of being buried under a pile of paper is bigger. All the paperwork is discharged… for ease of storage in other rooms! Hence the importance to find all types of storage accessories available on the market (or almost). Separators, binders, pencil holders, baskets and chains are not all superfluous gadgets. Use door magazine plastic or cardboard for storing magazines to keep. Ideally, cut items to keep and slide them into plastic bags contained in binders to reduce space.

Use filing cabinets system with channels for storing documents to keep. Book a workbook to keep personal papers (taxes, birth certificates, transcripts, insurance, etc..). Clean out your paperwork at least once a year and destroy documents become useless.

If you work from home,  book 10 minutes a day to do the clean desk to avoid overflows.

Source : Lapresse.ca, December 31st. 1999, by Nancy Coulombe, translated by Anick Giroux.


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