How to prevent food odors to impregnate our ice?

  1. We cleans up the freezer. We empty it out from everything, you throw expired food and cleans with soap and water. Rinsed with a cloth dampened with water and a little white vinegar and wipe. We ensure that all containers are sealed before replacing.
  2. We deodorizes. Pouring 1 cup (250 ml) of baking soda in an open container to neutralize odors. Replaced every three months.
  3. If odors persist, replace ice cube trays (the plastic can be stored with odors over time). We favors a model with a lid, which isolate the ice content of the freezer. And ice made ​​fresh each week.

Source: Magazine Coup de Pouce, August 2010, from Martine Gingras, Translate by Anick Giroux.


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