Shoe Storage Part II

Last time we chatted I was on about what to do for shoe storage. In case you missed it, here are the cliff notes.

I have 2 of these Ikea shoe cabinets. They are functional but not my style, so I am looking at ways to jazz them up.

Angela Clarke suggested that I paint the cabinets Monaco Blue (one of Pantone’s colours for 2013).

That got me thinking about this fabric from Designer Fabrics which I had remnants of lying around my office. Sunburst SNS/670548, SKU 33151.

That got me thinking about this fabric, also from Designer Fabrics, that I have been drooling over for months and hoping to find a project in which to use it. Pom Pom DK Wash, SKU 29495.

And then a light bulb went off when I remembered this Editor’s DIY from former Design Editor and all round awesome gal, Stacy Begg.

There’s only one hitch with this DIY – it’s a little heavy on the sewing. Which is a skill that I unfortunately lack.

Luckily for me the internet exists, and I found this tutorial over at Little Green Notebook.

Not sure how this one is going to turn out folks but I will keep you posted! Wish me luck!

Source: House & Home, Blog, November 7, 2012, Kai Ethier.


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