Weekend Decorating

Fair and Square

Put to creative use, cube storage brings clutter simply and stylishly under control.

Invoke the rule of divide and conquer by tackling clutter one cube at a time. Cubbies, ubiquitous in classrooms across the country, have grown-up flair when recreated in sophisticated materials and finishes and bold colourways, or juxtaposed against luxe backdrops. In fresh configurations, they quickly bring rooms into shape. To ensure stylish results, square up crowded entries, messy bedrooms and chaotic offices with an eye to presentation as well as organization: combine multiple units in graphic patterns to stretch storage, or display a few framed prints and treasured trinkets in cubbies filled with work supplies.


Entry way station

Corral coats, bags, mitts and more in labelled cubbies arranged to make the most of a narrow mudroom or hall. Less costly than built-ins, these ready-made shelves, arranged in a simple U-shaped formation, create a place to put on boots, store sportswear and hang jackets but don’t take up too much floor space. Assign each family member  specific cubbies, then add bins to keep things neat. Hang eye-catching artwork or a large mirror between the unit’s pillars to elevate the look.

Bright orange paint and white Ikea shelves keep this mudroom area chic and organized.

A shelf doubles as a bench, baskets keep clutter in check and artwork and pillows add graphic punch to this entryway.

Shelf, Ikea; NEST by H&H baskets, Zellers; poster, Telegramme; pillows, Bev Hisey; flooring, Karndean; clothing, H&M; shoes, Rockport.

Image march 2008 H&H 2

Desktop organizer

Scale new heights of office organization by putting vertical space to work. Perched atop an ample desk (with a depth of at least 16”), square cubbies keep files and folders convenient and make room for decorative hits. Try labelling each cubby with a subject – Bills, Correspondence, Photos, Travel – especially if the desk is used by the hole family.

Desk, grey vase, grey books, Ikea; cubby unit, The Home Depot; dotted boxes, green vase, teacup, pencil cup, Teatro Verde; green boxes, Coeur en Fête.ca; chair, Klaus by Nienkämper; wallpaper, Crown; flooring, Karndean.

BedroomStorage_SUP_HH_MR08Create A Holdall Headboard

Turn your bedroom into a storage mecca with this clever idea.

Fashion a functional headboard from modular cubes that click together to hold everything from basics to baubles. Stacked up behind a bed, this geometrical configuration packs a graphic punch, while adding loads more storage in a typically underused space—a real perk, especially in smaller homes and apartments. Since each square acts as a mini vignette, style them to showcase interesting books, art and accents. Hidden from view, lower cubbies are perfect for storing seasonal clothes or bedding.

Storage unit, Smart Furniture; coverlet, throw, Revelle Home Fashions; cushions, Bev Hisey; lamps, Ikea; dog and cat coin vaults, Studio Brillantine; wide silver vases, Teatro Verde; green boxes, Coeur en Fête.ca.

Source: House & Home Magazine, March 2008, by Kimberley Brown.


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