Kelly Wearstler walk-in

md-KelsCLOSET2_SUP_HH_MR10Tips from pros

Its top 10 tips for creating the wardrobe of your dreams.

Often the list of the best dressed women, the designer featured and Top Design judge Kelly Wearstler draws attention both for its dress style as for her avant-garde interiors. Who can make better closets and more fabulous?

  1. Remember the details of the architecture.
    In Kelly dressing, carpentry work evokes details found throughout the home. ” The wood cabinets were brushed dry, which gives them a nice finish textured.”
  2. Find the light.
    In addition to the five light fixtures, three skylights natural light shed in the space. To prevent discoloration, finishes are UV resistant.
  3. Think ”Soft”
    ” It’s nice to walk on the thick carpet. I designed it specifically for this space.”
  4. Upholster jewelry drawers with cloth.
    Luxurious choices, such as velvet or black silk, moiré add a touch of sophistication.
  5. Install partitions.
    Storage must be flexible. carefully To store her handbags, Kelly has divided shelves with glass panels that detach by sliding, creating niches of different sizes. ” If the bags are packed, they can shrivel and distort.”
  6. Do not forget the laundry baskets.
    Posed under the handbags, two large drawers discreetly separate washing and dry cleaning clothes. ” I am very organized, so everything is in its place.”
  7. Choose brass rails for shoes.
    Wooden shelves scratch each time. ” Brass rails are prettier.”
  8. Add open storage .
    You can admire accessories at a glance. ” These lockers 30 X 45 cm allow me to categorize my collection of vintage and new hats by color.”
  9. Integrate shallow drawers.
    Shallow drawers let you see everything. ” I have installed enough to store t-shirts, underwear, belts, scarves, ties and braces.”
  10. Use the handles shaped” T”.
    The elongated shape will allow you to easily hang your clothes – ideal for planning it’s outfits.

Image mars 2010 walk-in 2Image mars 2010 walk-in 3

Source : Maison et demeure Magazine , March 2010.


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