We tinker a framework for jewelry

cadre-bijoux-410This display allows convenient storing for our beautifully necklaces and other jewels while adding an original touch to our decor.

We need:

  • Frame of 13 x 17 in. ($ 12.99, from Ikea)
  • 50 cm fluff sheet (Kodel) ($ 5.99 the m, at Club Tissus)
  • Foam core ($ 4.95 per piece of 30 cm x 40 cm, at DeSerres)
  • 50 cm of fabric ($ 6.99 the m, Ikea)
  • Hooks for cups ($ 1.89 package of 8, at Reno-Depot)
  • Cutting mat, metal ruler, utility knife, scissors, fabric, stapler, pliers.


Disassemble the frame.

Place the fluff sheet on the cutting mat. Being guided with the rule, using the utility knife, cut the fluff sheet to the same size as the bottom of the frame. Cut the foam core the same way.

Cut the fabric with scissors, adding 2 inches on
all sides so you can fold it back of the frame.


Place the fabric down on the working surface. At the center of the fabric, place the fluff sheet, foam core and the bottom of the frame.





Fold the fabric on the bottom of the frame and staple taking care to tighten it.





Using the clamp fix hooks on the mounting of the fabric.

Install the mounting frame (without the glass) and hang it on the wall.




  • We uses frames of different formats and combines them (one display for earrings, one for necklaces, one for bracelets, etc..).
  • We varies fabrics choosing two or three forms that blend well.

Source: Coup de Pouce Magazine, May 2009, creating and styling Emilie Ceretti, translated by Anick Giroux.


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