A New Way to Stop Procrastinating: Power Hour

1b50c02I use fluency heuristic (an idea seems more valuable if it’s easier to say or think) when I tackle Spring or Fall cleaning. Love the new habit “Power Hour.”

I have a rule, but never put a name on it. I task manage the routine task. Get up do my bed, pick up everything that doesn’t or shouldn’t stay in that room (my current reading book, last night water glass, dirty close) and lead on to the urgency of the bathroom (personal, then leave the dirty clothes in the basket, start a wash and start the dryer for dry clothed and unwrinkled) and so forth. The reason? a 5S engineer consultant told me once, that if you have something to do in a room, you should do it now, because if not everything bugs you and everything will seem to you like not done or messy.

How about you? Do you have any strategies for staying on top of those little nagging tasks that mount up so quickly?



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