Clutter hot spots

hotspot-mediumControl clutter found in entryways.

Front entryways
Store off-season clothing in a bedroom closet, under the bed or in the basement.Relocate sporting equipment to the garage.

Limit shoes – relegate extra pairs to bedroom closets.

Hang a shelf and place an attractive container for incoming mail on top.

Hang small hooks for keys inside the closet.

Outfit the closet with cubbies for each family member’s bag or briefcase.

Line up a row of identical attractive baskets (labeled; one for each family member).

Use a multipurpose hanging shoe rack for shoes, small umbrellas, purses, mitts, hats, even mail.

Add a dresser or console table – use drawer organizers to neatly stash keys, purses, mail, cellphones and more.

Source : Style at Home Website, by Kathleen Dore.


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