The Productive Sprint

We all know the “Time is Money” quote by Benjamin Franklin.

But the cue is always how to put in application this quote to our on going life, stressful, over productive society, without slacking and procrastinating. Here’s a nice article that show’s examples on the how to.

The holidays are coming faster than we think and soon enough will be swamped by all :

  • the preparations regarding the actual holiday
  • still doing the everyday-weekly routine
  • adding the multiple shopping extras
  • and don’t forget to do your regular job, you know the one that actually pays the bills!
  • Also keep in mind that December has 4 weeks but most of us work only 3 out of those 4 because of the holiday.

Now, now, I know, if you actually want a miracle… But I’m not talking about miracles I’m talking about how to batch process or sprint things up to actually leaving work on the 23rd or 24th of December and know that you actually did everything to accomplish all your todo’s lists and feel free and relieved that when you will come back to the office after the holidays, that most or all of your work will already been done.



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