How to Keep Going When It’s Hard

I received Lisa Larter newsletter and she had a little story teller to make us understand and surely see ourself in the same situation. It goes like this :

crazy Lisa's dogsMy dogs are crazy.

They have short little legs and they don’t always like to go for walks.

In the morning I like to take them out for a quick walk where we live. When they leave the house, they are happy and excited, raring to go, tails wagging as though the best thing ever has just happened.

Then, one of them starts to pull. Not pull forward like most normal dogs. They pull as though they want to stop walking, turn around, and go back home.

I gently nudge them along and this continues for part of the walk. Then one of them decides they are done.

They are small but mighty and they use all their strength to stop me from pulling them forward. They are ready to turn around and go back home, feet firmly planted, no more negotiating.

I give in, and back we go.

The crazy part, is if they had just kept going a moment longer, they would have turned the corner and been almost back home!

How often do you give up and go backwards when what you really want is just around the corner?

This week’s blog post is dedicated to my crazy dogs. I hope it inspires you to keep going so you can see what’s waiting just around the corner.


After reading this newsletter and the actual blogpost, I can totally relate, because when we decide to be entreprenor there’s not always someone beside us to hold our hand or to listen to us or only be there for us to vent and by doing so being able to make the best decision or even guide us.

I hope you enjoy it!

Source : Lisa Larter Newsletter, November 6th 2014.


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