How to write more handwritten notes

Sarah Kathleen Peck talks about tricks & tips on how, when or what to write in a note. It’s a lovely article and I will certainly use the few scripts that she provided in it.

We live in a society that goes fast, live fast and try to do everything in a second or on the tip of a button. We even scribble text. It’s not even proper words sometimes. It’s a lot of time abbreviated, shortened, truncated. In the article, Sarah talks about taking time to write notes to friends, acquaintances or family. I like the taking the time portion. Why? Because if you send a birthday email, it’s nice but a “little” impersonal. If you take the time to pick up, not only a gift but an actual card, write a personal note in it and send it in time for the person to receive it on their birthday, not only the present will be a gift but the card as well. The receiver feels thought of, even taking care of. Feels good!

Now take this example and use it in to the business world! We all heard “Time is money!” Yes, yes, but on the other hand even in b2b situation you need to import the personal touch. In this situation, I wouldn’t send a birthday card, too personal, but at the end of any partnership, contract, you should send a personal thank you note. Why? Because it brings that little “je ne sais quoi” in to the equation that next time for a similar contract or else, they may feel more incline to use your service because of it, instead of using a competitor. You’ll have include a friendlier bond in to the mix.

Bring out your best paper, handwriting and take your time!


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