How to: Create a holiday wrapping station

wrapping-station-real-MEDIUMKeep necessities ready to roll with a beautiful, functional gift-wrapping station and you’ll package up the season in style!

Want to create a wrapping area in your home?
Here’s what you need:

• Counter-height desk with plenty of storage
• Dividers for drawers
• Counter chair
• Large basket (for wrap rolls)
• Clear canisters
• Hooks
• Scissors (plain and craft)
• Tape (double-sided is handy)
• Ribbons and raffia
• Wrapping paper and cellophane
• Bags
• Shred
• Boxes and tins
• Enclosure cards

Wrap stash
Rolls of wrapping paper are easily accessible when stowed in an extra-large waste bin or a basket. This year, traditional holiday colours are brightened up and modernized with hits of pink.

Ribbons at the ready
Frequently used ribbons are simple to measure and snip when arranged on dowelling or a rod. Spools of ribbon, bows, shred and other accoutrements are pretty enough to store in clear glass canisters, adding fun to the decor, and making it easy to see your supplies.

Top-drawer supplies
A drawer divider keeps supplies neatly in place. We’ve cached extra ribbon, little boxes, enclosure cards and the latest, greatest tape products that make wrapping even easier. For instance, the 3M Pop-up Giftwrap Tape Dispenser (on red tissue paper) is worn on the wrist, leaving your hands free to make perfect folds.

Source : Style at Home Website, By Tamara Robbins, Photography Paul Chmielowiec.


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