A Messy Desk Can Affect Your Professional Reputation

desk Getting Organized Magazine

Hello everyone,

Is this your office desk?

Loved this article with logical and straightforward seven steps to a clutter free environment and mind! In doing so you increase your productivity. But the main important aspect of all, apart from being less productive, is that if your desk is in this predicament, you must always feel in a struggle position to be able to:

  • achieve balance
  • reach all your deadlines
  • finish all the work
  • and what about accomplishment!

I’m sure that yes some people do have this work load per day and they do feel the pressure of it, but showing it off on your desk like this, doesn’t help you, doesn’t motivate you and I’m sure that you don’t have enough room to be able to work either.

The worst of it, is that there’s a study that has taken place in March 2011 and the main general idea was this :

“A tidy desk won’t necessarily boost your career, but a messy one can leave a bad impression on colleagues,” said Robert Hosking, executive director of OfficeTeam. “By taking simple steps to organize your workspace, you also will be able to find materials more easily and increase your productivity.”


Hope you enjoy this article and maybe use one step to getting closer to a tidier desk for the upcoming New Years resolution!

Image Source : Getting Organized Magazine Website, December 17th 2013.


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