Does Working from Home Work?


It’s not the first time that this question is brought up. Is it better to work from home or from the office? Are we more productive? Are we more distracted?

My personal view on the matter is this; I’ve worked in big and small companies, as well as from home. I must say that I do prefer to work from home. Why? Easy. Better coffee! No, no it’s not only that. In my case I enjoy the baby being the alarm clock, no morning rush, no commute or traffic jam, being able to work in my yoga clothes and not losing anytime with everyone small talk each morning or whenever or at the coffee machine. Not that I’m not social or anything, but I must say that all that chit chatting equals to a lot of lost time, but companies know that and this is an important social bonding situation that can’t be totally eliminated. It is said that it sparks new idea, resolves personal and professional problems and it makes the employees vent so it’s like a mini psychic therapy.

On the other hand, working from home has been reported that people are more productive, healthier and less overwhelmed with work. If your working from home you need to be organize. You’re saving a lot of time by not going to an actual office, but you have to be focus and on schedule to not derail with home tasks or else. By doing so you’re less accessible to other staff members, they can’t pop in your office or ring you, but you have to isolate yourself from the incoming emails and phone calls in replacement.

So there are pros and cons for both. You and the administration needs to be understanding. Some people will never be able to work outside an actual office because they are too much distracted with all the other tasks at hand or they do need the more social surroundings. Some others, they love to be able to implement a more family-work system where they micro manage both during the day and night and listen to their own music.

But the real question still remains : Are you an happy worker?

Image source : Apartment Therapy Website.


2 thoughts on “Does Working from Home Work?

  1. I am working from home. I feel much more in charge of my own day. The trouble for me is always being ‘in the office’. I would work night and day if I wasn’t pulled up by the family. Desk is cluttered though as I only recently moved in. Are you doing an article about how to get organised when moving house? Many thanks, I am enjoying your posts! Jacqui

    1. Hello Jacqui,

      Thank you for your comment. Yes it is difficult to let go of work because of the proximity of it. I love the request. I’ll look in to it for you and write soon about it.


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