A Store to Organise yourself

As you know I love organisation. I enjoy new idea that allows you to organise our life in a better way or make it simpler. I love object that have double duty or use a unused space, like underneath a cabinet door, behind a door or a wardrobe door, the ceiling or the wall in the garage. Why? Well otherwise would you use it? No probably not, those spaces aren’t normally used so that’s why it’s so genius to use a mounted ceiling or wall rack to stack the bikes, because otherwise they would be using floor space. If you use that rack you now have more floor space to put the summer tire or else. The kitchen cabinets are clean slates and sometime using mesh shelves is wiser because now you’re using all the unused space in the cabinets, so you’re maximising the cubic spatial space of your cabinet and that goes for the bathroom cabinet as well.

I prefer to maximise the space in what I have already before thinking of buying new furniture. Why? Because new furniture most likely will use more floor space instead I prefer reorganizing the space in what I have already in order to save floor space.

Now think first and plan and if it isn’t working go shop to the Store a place for everything.

pic_3048_2 pic_187_2 pic_3212_2 pic_3210_2 pic_3105_3 pic_3382_2










Image Source : courtesy of the Store a place for everything Website.







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