Renovation Organization: How to Prepare for Remodeling Your Home

Renovation Organization


In three steps Ellen Delap helps you to make the step by step to create an organize renovation. From the preparation, budget to the actual enjoyment of the newly renovated space or full house. Great article on renovation and for once not on the before and after picture but more about the actual process of the renovation and the less pleasant topics of it like cleaning up, budget, while keeping his sanity through the process.

This is my favorite point :

  • Unclutter. At the same time, start preparing your home for the renovation by decluttering. Take an hour in each space and eliminate as much as you can to have less to move around during the renovation. Move valuables to a safe place, and, most importantly, keep a list of next actions for each of these steps.

Enjoy it and tell us if you kept your sanity in your last renovation!


Source :  Home Organizing Website, On October 6, 2014, by Ellen Delap.


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