Desk with Drawers

Desk with Drawers

The computer world is providing us with smaller tools and wireless system (Thank God for wireless mode!). So we don’t need big desk with a huge compartment to hide the big computer tour and a big desk top to manage the big screen that goes with it. With laptops we can now work from anywhere even a coffee shop. But still. You may want to sit down in a define zone that you can call your office. Where you may have a 3 in 1 fax-copy-scan machine and this machine needs wiring and most of them are still a little bulky. Lucky us we can hide those in a storage system along with the office supplies, books, magazine and business and personal folder.

Thought you may like this desk with drawers that would allow you to have an office anywhere in your house because it can stand alone or make a nice console. The drawers would allow you to hide the desk accessories. It has a modern look because of the angular cross-beam iron legs and hardware with a polished nickel finish.

I love the brass and glass desk boxes that allows you to clean your desk but still have your files handy for the next morning. They look like elegant jewelry boxes. So it adds a feminine touch to the desk as well as a touch of sophistication. In the smaller version you could keep paper clips, tape and thumbtacks.

It shows you that you can hide most of your office but it can still be looking like an office desk.

Now show us you’re version of a nice desk!

Image Source : Pottery Barn Website.


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