7 Reasons Why You Can’t Grow Your Business


This article is straight to the point and really true. If you ever seen the girly movie “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” you’ll understand that the author ain’t criticizing anyone. She’s only stating facts just like in the movie. You may do it without even realizing that it’s killing good sales, or because you’re sooo nervous or because you may not know any better. We all learn étiquette manners at home or in school for the every day life, but I never learn of a class or an actual book that teach you business lesson on how to be a good business owner. So you may read this article and revise your prep-list for your next client business meeting.

This point as always been super important for me. In my first job I was taught that talking badly about the competition, makes you look like a poor sales person instead and nobody wants to deal or make business with this type of person. When I did encounter those type of person I didn’t do business with them either. For the first time someone actually talks about this topic :

You may even have been caught in the trap of talking too much about your competitors. Or, maybe you have been talking badly about them behind their back in the hopes that it would make you look better and it only served to make your customer think you lack integrity. – Lisa Larter

Enjoy reading!

Image Source : Lisa Larter Website, December 3rd 2014.


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