1- Does my business needs the social networks?

Here is the summary of my first course-conference-consultation for business:

In this consultation or conference, you will find general information on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google + and Instagram), their uses and their reasons for being.

Social media is a priori a tool to make themselves known. As an entrepreneur, they are not to be overlooked as they can be a great business opportunity and can make a difference. They can be a good solution for a problem-solution paradigm. Learn how to participate better to make you stand out and how to interact with your potential customers!

In conclusion, social media are innovative tools. Adoptees and used properly can lead you to great success.

  • What is the main notion / trick/ practice that you will retain as participants by having recourse to this consultation in companies or conference?
    Learn the 7 major social networks, procedures, advantages, disadvantages, their terminology, their functioning; how to interact with your readers and potential future customers, how to participate to better stand out and in addition they are great business opportunity.

I hope you will enjoy the new courses and that you will write me there!


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