2- Where should I do my Marketing?

Here is the summary of my second course-conference-consultation for business:

In this consultation or conference, you will discover information on marketing. I will address  advertising and promotion of the traditional and new methods (Blog, Newsletters, Mobile App, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest) and their management platform.

A marketing budget is a must as an entrepreneur and properly use between different marketing methods to increase sales of a product or service. Companies that inform and engage do not just sell – they build relationships. For businesses, relationships are more important than ever, because they cause results. Mentalities are changing and the customers is no different. They want more information on the company with which they will do business, use their phones for everything and begin their work days by opening their emails boxes. Know that in our modern times, the way to do is changing big time.

In conclusion, this is for you to sharpen your pencils and make a good budget and tested your new business opportunities to make your own opinion about these new marketings trends.

  • What is the main notion / trick/ practice that you will retain as participants by having recourse to this consultation in companies or conference?
    Learn how to do marketing by making yourself known, being present mediatically and developing your sales of product or service through advertisements and promotions faster and more economically with traditional methods and new web tools such as: Blog, Newsletter, Mobile App, Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest) and their management platform. Come and make your own opinion about these new marketings trends that are new business opportunities.

And you, would you like to participate to this new course on marketing? 


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