3- Starting a business: its Structure, Laws & Protections

Here is the summary of my third course-conference-consultation for business:

In this consultation or conference, you will discover pointed information on the dots and  decisions taking when starting your business.

Establish the basic pillars of the foundation of your company: company name, legal structure, registered with the Registrar (NEQ) requests required to obtain tax numbers and withholding if necessary. The next steps are:

  • The business plan or acquisition plan is a sales document, a valuable tool, but what is it and why is it done?
  • Who are your potential future creditors and your type of financing?
  • Protect yourself, your business and your customers by contracts and insurance, this will show your good faith and seriousness of the company.
  • Avoid mousetraps, the pitfalls, discord, absurd situations that could end the life of your business. A lifetime to build an empire that could have been preserved if only…

In conclusion, a good preparation when starting a company will protect you against all short, medium and long-term contingencies.

  • What is the main notion / trick/ practice that you will retain as participants by having recourse to this consultation in companies or conference?
    Come learn how to cope with adversity and multiple tasks which is a new business protecting you, your suppliers and your customers.

Looking forward to answering your questions! 


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