4- When is the best time to think about hiring staff?

Here is the summary of my fourth course-conference-consultation for business:

In this consultation or conference, you will discover the whole process of the perfect  entrepreneur-recruiter when you decide to take to your service an employee.

The hiring process is a priori a multitude of questioning stage, writing, selection to discover the perfect employee for your business. Here is an outline of the procedure:

  • Compose a job offer
  • Decide where to display the job
  • Make an employee screening
  • Doing interviews
  • Make the selection of an employee
  • Prepare training
  • Plan communication between employer and employee
  • Be aware of the dismissal and shades
  • Be prepared to make a professional recommendation letter

As an entrepreneur, every step can’t be overlooked since the recruitment of an employee represents significant costs for a business. It’s therefore essential to ensure good optimize efficiency in this regard. The right employee is often the right solution for a problem-solution paradigm.

In conclusion, the question to ask is this: “Do you live only for your company? Or is it that your company makes you live?” Take conscience and take the necessary arrangements.

  • What is the main notion / trick/ practice that you will retain as participants by having recourse to this consultation in companies or conference?
    Learn how to make all the right decisions in a complete hiring process from the job Classified Ad to the training of new employees.

Looking forward to showing you new tricks for all your questions! 


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