6- Disorganize or not? Organization to any number of ways for a better success!

During my visit on April 30th next week at the Foire des entrepreneurs in Quebec,   I will be located at the kiosk 301. In addition, I will give a 30 minute talk (mini-conference) of the course-conference-consultation for business:

In this consultation or conference, you will discover organization, which is sure to be well prepared, structured, efficient, but also to have a clear vision of its entire business. Everything is a question of organization!

To be a well organized entrepreneur, you must:

  • Bring order to increase productivity.
  • Organize each storage space to be more manageable, enjoyable and efficient without your professional reputation affected by disorder.
  • Develop a workplaces logistics, physical and virtual.
  • Stop looking for the missing information, to remake the lost work and focus to develop a schedule to ease the tasks and prioritize activities, while achieving professional goals.

Finally, since we are in the era of efficiency, and that “Time is money!”, if you take the time to implement an organizational system correctly, this can lead you to great successes and great savings. Plan and enjoy the results!

  • What is the main notion / trick/ practice that you will retain as participants by having recourse to this consultation in companies or conference?
    Learn the knowledge to properly manage, organize, plan and rectify, if you are struggling with any of these issues: Time management issues, Daily schedules, Lack of concentration, Organizing your day, Paperwork disorder, Followup / Loss of customers, The right frame of mind, Lack of motivation, Structures, Stagnant inventories, Archives; discover how disruption can affect your relationships and what the organization has the potential to provide you.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


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