Small instant solution to find everything and be efficient


Let me introduce myself, Anick Giroux, business consultant.

I offer a consultation or training service of spatial and virtual organization for family day care entrepreneurs.

• Do you use the size of your daycare efficiently?
• Is your work desk giving you a hard time?
• Do some games, toys or training or activities books makes you perplexed when planning in your daycare service or your office?
• Do you have a method for your note taking?
• Do you know what happened to the little note taken on a piece of paper in the car, at the restaurant or in line at the cash desk?
• Does your computer and email boxes are in order and easy to use?
• Do you run after the time?
• Are you well organized in general?

If one or more of these questions makes you ineffective, so I am pleased to offer my expertise and experience to help you manage better your time and your space.

Thank you and we hope to see more clearly with you,

Pssst! I’ve dealt with Annie RSG in Châteauguay and here’s what she had to say about my services for her business office and the living space of her daycare:

Anick Giroux


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