Recess is over!

Vicky GagnonI’m finally providing you with, what I did when I encounter with Vicky Gagnon.

And yes! Recess is over! I walked into the offices of a Re/Max branch of the Greater Quebec City to meet with Vicky. It was my first winner of the draw of the Foire des entrepreneurs of Quebec. She’s a newly real estate agent. I’m very happy to have been able to collaborate to establish with her a system that will ease her life, allow her to be even more efficient in her work context, to lighten her administrative tasks and always be an invested mom (she announced that she is pregnant with her third baby!).

When I contacted her, we had to determine which of my services, she needed most. Because I remembered very well our meeting in my booth, it had been question of a lack of organization and overwhelmed to deal with clerical tasks. So I was not surprised of her choice: the organization please!

Since I have a dear friend to my heart, which was a real estate agent, I had a good idea of what I had to implement to be fully prepared in my meeting. Remember the price was 3 hours of training ! So time was ticking!

So I’ve returned to my old habits and I’ve prepared:

  1. monitoring client worksheet: to compile dates and discussion content, visits and client impression.
  2. a checklist for client documents: if you sold or bought a property, you know that the mortgage documents, locations certificates are originals and legal documents. So I designed this list to protect both parties.
  3. a checklist for customer records: given that the documents are taken over by the real estate agent, go round by the office and must be returned to the notary before returning paths to the client, I therefore designed that list so the real estate agent keeps a tighten track on her sales.

At our meeting, we’ve discussed:

  • management, planning and utilization:
    • virtual and paper agenda
    • of the notebook for note taking
    • the organization system with my portable organization box
    • customer follow up and return calls
    • of email management and archiving mini training thereof
    • automated emails and telephone mailbox
  • a possibility to hire a secretary or a data entry clerk for the given input portion of customer information to ease her administrative task.
  • a possibility to hire a housekeeper at home for the same reason.

This is her comment after our meeting:

Hello Anick,
To give you a short summary of our meeting, I very much appreciated it and I found it very relevant! A really beautiful gift !!!!
Thank you a lot.
Vicky Gagnon, Residential Real Estate Broker, Charny

Now that you understand better what is the spatial and virtual organization of an office or business, if you or someone you know would enjoy this service, why not offer it as a gift or request it ? (Important fact: my formation is adapted to each customer)

For more testimonials click here.



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