Do you want to be ready for your next Destination with your business?

Paul LarivièreI’ll tell you what I did in my meeting with Paul Lariviere.

It’s a fact that social networks brings a business to open up to the world. And more! In the folder with Mr. Larivière, I arrived at his home, since it has a home office in Quebec City. It was my second winner of the draw of the Foire des entrepreneurs of Quebec. He’s a management Coach and team development. I’m very happy to have been able to provide information on social networks and their marketings, to make life easier for him, better visibility and to promote his business to potential new customers.

When I contacted him, we decided to make a first pre-consultation meeting to determine its needs. Since, during the Foire des entrepreneurs it’s his girlfriend who put his name in my contest box and not itself. It was therefore understood that a mini-training on social networks were very appropriate for him. So we still had two hours of training to get through the six major social networks and how to do marketing with them and if they were suitable for his business.

During our meeting, we covered:

  1. Facebook interface
    1. management and use of a personal and a professional account page
    2. plus possible marketing trick with the professional  page
  2. Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Linkedin interface
    1. management and use of a personal and a professional account page
    2. plus marketing information
  3. Briefly I presented Pinterest and Instagram.
  4. I showed the Hootsuite platform for its efficiency, ease and offer better time management.

The training on social networks that I offer is a complete one that touches the seven (7) major interfaces. I have presented, explained, demonstrated and he was able to found their benefits and their utilities. My meetings help to better understand social networks, namely used, managed and have a better view of all these new mediums.

This is his comment after our meeting:

Hello Anick,
Thank you for the formation yesterday. This allowed me to sort it out.
Thank you again
See you soon
Paul Larivière Management Coaching and Team Development, Quebec

Now that you understand better what is the training on social networks which must be a duration of 6 hours to be complete and well seen and mastered in an office or a business. Maybe you have clients or acquaintances who are entrepreneurs and SMEs for which organization or social networks training that I offer would be appreciated or appropriate for them? (Important fact: my formation is adapted to each customer)

For more testimonials click here.


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