Why not have a brainstorm party with me and thus organize your office?

Following the Foire des entrepreneurs of Quebec, I got in touch with Mr. Leblanc. He was like many entrepreneurs, in the entrepreneurial questioning. He had a great need to set out his problems and his questioning to get to see more clearly, but especially to be able to make the best decisions for himself and his companies. I suggested a consultation-meeting of an hour.

During our one-hour meeting, it was discussed:

  • define the best company name
  • the reorientation of its status as an artist agent
  • contract or agreement with his collaborators
  • follow-up with customers to collect their testimonials
  • Follow up with the clientele when referred to another artist that assesses goodwill and the quality of service he wants to offer his clientele
  • references by customers for a better approach to sales-solicitation-yield
  • some marketing idea

This is his comment after our meeting:

Thank you. Yes it was instructive!

Sylvain Leblanc, Funny Ballons & Productions Noeud Papillon, Quebec

In conclusion, when you are an entrepreneur, it is not usually family and friends who are able to understand or help to better guide you in your steps. They are mostly sympathetic and supportive of your decisions, but not necessarily the best people to help you through your decision making. Do not hesitate to turn to professionals and other entrepreneurs! (Important fact: my formation or my consultations is adapted to each customer)

For more testimonials click here.




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