Why I love built-ins?

easy upgrades built-ins, shelves, and storageBecause they’re smart design. They use less spatial space in a room because they maximised by using spaces that normally are left out or totally unused. In this book they go room by room, they provide tips and tricks, DIY project plan & they don’t forget about the nice refine decor in the process.

My favorite is the nooks & niches, because it’s always those small places that are complicated to use as living spaces and also underutilized spaces. This section provides ideas to use it fully so they become nice, soft hideout or well organized spots.

If you would like to buy this book.

Here are some of my “Coup de coeur”  images that you can see in this book:

  1. that they use in a laundry room a ladder to be able to reach the upper cabinets. And those cabinets maximise the use of the space.
  2. Then underneath the banquette, there’s a filing cabinet and the gift wrap stash.
  3. A staircase rethought with drawers, closet and a stowage compartment.
  4. If you think that a pull-out couch isn’t good looking here’s the new and improved solution.
  5. If you don’t have a lot of space to have a desk always in place, here’s a solution!

Practical laundry room 2

Surprise drawer 2Under the stairs 2New pull-out bed 2Hide away desk 2






Hope you’ll find neat solution or create new idea or invention to be well organized!


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