No order

Mon premier clientMy father was my first client.

I was 14 years old. Not to dwell on the details, let me just say this, if a person who does not like” the little papers”, it’s my father.

Imagined the scene:

  • a year of operation for a representative,
  • combined with one year of sale of goods subcontracting in the same field,
  • an inventory,
  • all in a business space of 15 X 15 feet;

when we opened the door, the floor carpeted in grass green wall to wall was invisible. The desk top was covered with a dangerous equilibrium mountain. We were four (4) person (myself, my younger brother and my parents) and a weekend, to make:

  • an inventory,
  • compiled all the invoicing to save on accounting fees,
  • put a system in place system in place to avoid repeating this the following year,
  • also put in order all the memos so that he offers a better customer service (luckily, he had a lot of memory so he hasn’t made a major mistake!).

Everything was a success, and he continued even over 25 years later to implement these methods in his work.


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