Are you in the planning mode for your summer getaway?

Summer is a wonderful season. Not only for the nice warm temperature and the vacation period. Summer is also a resourcing period where you’ll be calmer and more incline to try new things. With the nice weather you’ll also be able to aerate your entire house. You’ll also feel less stress for attacking new project.

In this mindset, I love to do some room-by-room summer clean-up. It ain’t like a spring cleaning were you clean everywhere and your goal is to clean every single things that you own and to declutter your entire house nor it’s like the Christmas period when your goal is to make your house clean, nice, warm and welcoming to your guest and family. My summer cleaning is more like a revamp of a room or a space that bothered me the entire year because we were so busy.

For example, kids clothing. In august, I’ll be doing a fierce clean up by trying with each child every single thing they own. First, because with the back to school period (it doesn’t matter that your child is in daycare or going to school, because they grow so much during summer time anyway), so it’s easier to know exactly what needs to be bought for the upcoming season. So you’re creating room for the new.

Don’t forget while doing this : Give – Toss – Sale!

runway-desk from CB2Another example, and that’s where my idea came for this blog post. Revamping your home office! If your like me your home office will be the last room to be decorated, to feel more like yourself and be entirely your own space. If your office is in a dual purpose room or even in a common space like the living room, maybe this desk would be perfect for this purpose. What I like about this desk it’s that in the future it can be repurposed for another purpose in the house like : from the office space, to the entryway (for the keys and mail), living room (to gather all the remote control) or bedroom (as a vanity for your cosmetics maybe?). It has dual drawers that will organize your desk supplies and papers, and should contain a clutter free office area (click here for this console).

Tell us about your summer cleaning project?


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