All In

All In, Arlene DickinsonThis article is not a praise of the author but of the actual book. She’s a renowned Canadian women entrepreneur. This book is written for all entrepreneur. but I must say as a woman it talked to me very much.

In the first pages, she talks about an event where she felt :

“I experienced a crippling case of mini-me syndrome.”

“Personally, I call it the no paper syndrome.” Anick

When you decide to become an entrepreneur, you have what you have (education, experience, finances, values, personal baggage)! I don’t think that any entrepreneur decides to build a new business and has diploma, certification or experience in every field that makes a business (business management, staff management, accounting, HR, R&D, salesrep, creator and a hint of financier. And that’s without counting on the new fields like social media management, blogger, writer and website developer)!

So coming back at my statement, why the no paper syndrome you’re probably asking? Well! At one point or another we all question and doubt ourself and the reasons are always about what we don’t have, compare to what we bring to our customers or to the business world.

If you want to read a good entrepreneur book that talks to you about the reality of it and is really frank then this is a good choice.

Enjoy your reading!



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