How to plan pretty and organize yourself better?

Plan pretty with UrbanGirl

When you’re looking at saving time, most likely you’ll be looking at managing something faster. But what about organizing yourself?

Why not carry something with you at all time, that can keep record of any note from the grocery (personal stuff) to the content of the last customer call? Yes our lives aren’t in black and white areas. Our lives are intricate. In our head the ideas most of the time pop from one area to the other. Because you don’t want to forget anything a notebook is a good solution. There are other good solution too.

I prefer the lined paper spiral notebook. So when the page is fully written and scratch as a sign of completion, I don’t feel guilty to rip it off. Some people keep all the yearly notebook and file them with the end year paper for reference purposes, but I prefer to :

  • Write the content, memos, notes about a customer in his file (paper or virtual one) so everything is at the same place.
  • As soon as you start a new project, the reminders, memos, notes are well kept in a notebook, but when it’s completed you no longer need those.
  • You can even staple the business cards of the current prospect and your notes so when there’s a contact no matter where you are you got everything handy.
  • One of the major good thing about this method, it’s that when you need to put your hands on a note, there’s only one place to look into (except your emails inbox!!! and that’s another story for another time.)

The notebook method is one that I propose to my customers with my portable organization box.

Anick Kate Spade Notebook 2Here’s my brand new notebook for this summer :

  • Love the quote : ” Today is the day”
  • It’s a Kate Spade New York.
  • There’s only one thing apart from the lined pages. On top of each sheet there’s a date space so when you have long booked days you can actually date those for better tracking.
  • Also it match my new summer scarf. Yes I’m a scarf lady, not a jewelry one.
  • Bought mine at an Indigo store. Took me half an hour to choose mine because of all the nice colors choices and binding style. But if you liked it have a peek at the UrbanGirl website for more ideas for yours.

Hope you find your own and be on your way to be more organized!




4 thoughts on “How to plan pretty and organize yourself better?

  1. I definitely think my paper notebook is my key to staying organized. I like making lists on my phone but sometimes writing it down makes it stick better in your mind, and ripping out the page is the ultimate satisfaction of finishing a day’s tasks.

    Thanks for a good read!

    -Ashley, The Organized Intern

    1. Hello Ashley,

      Thank you for your comment. Which app (Asana, Evernote, Wunderlist) or virtual notebook do you use with your phone?

      Have nice day,


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