The list of desires

La liste des envies de Catherine TrudeauI love the Coup de Pouce magazine and I have a collection of more than 10 years. But if I had not had them, many ideas for my blogs would not have germinated. In addition, the recipes makes them mini-cookbooks to be consulted fairly regularly.

Today I have put my hand on my summer magazines. Flipping the May 2014, I came across the editorial of Catherine Trudeau. She speaks of a beautiful reading: “The list of my desires” by Grégoire Delacourt. I have to apologize because I have never read it. However, the concept of writing our wishes, aspirations or desires on paper for a positive vision for a better future, it is a concept that some psychologist, therapist and even Olympic athletes coaches used since ages.

Among her wishes, she mentions this:

“Hiring someone who would digitize my pictures my CDs and content of VHS tapes that survive miraculously at each move. I think I would lose 20 pounds at once. The dream.”

Pictures are memories that we do not look at every day but which need to be well preserved. Moreover, nobody is immune to disasters (fire, theft, vandalism).

We are in the digital era, so the music can now be listen everywhere with our devices or adapters. To safeguard all our music regardless of its source, allows you to store and centralize everything.

The famous VHS! Whether it is because you have Disney movies for your children that comes from your own childhood or because you have family videos from important events (marriage, family trip, birth, family celebration), by scanning them you save them for longer.

Here are the type of services I offer to my clients through organizational service. When we speak of organization, it is not only business strategies but also spatial and virtual organization of a home or business.

Idea Source: Coup de Pouce Magazine, May 2014, article by Catherine Trudeau.


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