Complete Home Storage – Sunset collection

Complete Home Storage_SunsetThis is a book that shows clever storage system.

My favorite part is the attics, basements and garages. Why? Because there’s not alot of information on clever storage for those area and it’s always the big, bulky or delicate items that we contain there. Like the Christmas tree and ornaments!

Here are my Coup de coeur for this book :

  1. We always, always leave the attic, basement and garage for last when we decorate or renovate because we focus on the living spaces and the bedroom, but from my experience if you don’t plan your house or apartment as a whole and split the budget accordingly, those spaces will be done eventually or when ever.
  2. We often see now on Pinterest or IKEA underneath bed storage, but I found these underneath the bed storage fun and they maximise the space.
  3. Talk about living room storage. I know behind the the two central doors there’s probably the TV. But with the full arrangement of storage components, you get an aesthetic arrangement on top of lots of space to organize and even hide what you need to.
  4. When the living room is stuck in between a staircase and outside doors, you have to be a genius to find the perfect solution. Here’s one way!
  5. The bedroom! If you want to maximise the room, utilise to the max the space, you want the decor to grow with a child, I think this is the perfect match. It doesn’t matter that the room is big or small, they’ll just have more space to play on the floor!

Complete Home Storage Attics   Complete Home Storage Under the bed   Complete Home Storage - Storage Components

Complete Home Storage Attics living room

Complete Home Storage Bed












For more idea look here!


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