Wedding? Ouf!!!

Wedding organisationYou might think that I’m crazy! Why is the wedding subject related to organisation?

Well, apart from pregnancy and even this, a wedding is one of the major celebration in a women’s life. It needs to be planned a head. Schedule and orchestrate like a maestro to obtain the perfect resort for one magnificent, breath taking, monumental day. And you may have some control on the preparation but you have none on the weather, human errors and mishaps from suppliers.

You may do it yourself or use the service of a wedding planner. It’s still a lot of decision taking. To ease the process magazines, books and Pinterest are great tools for this matter. Why? Because it allows you to gather for the longest while all the itsy bits, decision making that needs to be made and at the end or when you encounter with your wedding planner you have a general idea of what you want. The wedding planner will be able to see what is your idea for some of the day and she’ll (the feminine is used here without disrespect to anyone!) be able to guide you through out the rest of the process.

If you’re thinking of getting married and having some guest present, you should think of at least a year in advance and more for some things.

Some of the decision to be taken :

  • Location of the ceremony
  • Location of the reception
  • Wedding theme
  • Wedding color palette
  • Cocktail Reception
  • Menu for the reception
  • Wine, liquor and bar service
  • Wedding Cake
  • Sweet table
  • Flowers
  • Bride’s bouquet
  • Bridesmaids bouquet
  • Corsage for the groom and best man
  • Dressing of both location
  • Hair, Mani, Pedi & make-up
  • THE dress
  • The rings
  • Shoes, jewellery & accessories
  • Bridesmaids and their dresses
  • Flower girl
  • Ring bearer
  • Music during the wedding and through the reception
  • Lighting
  • Invitations
  • Thank-you notes
  • RSVPs
  • Table setting
  • Favors gifts
  • Photograph : wedding pictures from the entire day and what about a video?
  • Wedding photo book?
  • Guest book
  • Wedding keepsake
  • Gift registry
  • Honeymoon
  • Etc…

Are you dizzy yet? Truly if you intend to have a nice wedding here are some great advice to consider :

  1. You can never give too much notice : Saves-the-dates should go out 3 to 4 months prior to the wedding and more if the guest are far and wide or if the wedding is a wedding destination.
  2. Be creative (but clear) : You can do fun things with your save-the-dates and invitations, but don’t forget to include all pertinent information.
  3. Keep it simple : Wedding invitations should include full names of the couple marrying, the place and time, that’s it!
  4. Spell it out : Everything is written without abbreviation and in full.
  5. Play the name game : Entire names of the guests should be written on the outter envelopes. Address to married couples as “Mr. and Mrs.”.
  6. Titles do matter : the title person will come first.
  7. Be gracious – in a timely fashion : Thank-you notes should be treated with a sense of urgency. Send them within 2 weeks of receiving the present to express your true appreciation.
  8. You can skip the cash bar : When you invite people to an event, they shouldn’t have to reach into their pockets for any reason.
  9. Consider buying your own booze : If you can buy it yourself, depending on the ceremony location however, you’ll save cash and show your originality.
  10. Do the math : The thumb rule is 1 drink per person per hour.
  11. Explore your paiement options : Every bar service will have it’s own price structure, why not tailor it to your selection and pay for your consumption only?
  12. Know what’s included : You should expect, but verify, that the bar provider will take care of staff, mixers, ice and cleanup.
  13. Set up a tasting : You’ll collaborate with the bartender and find drinks that you and your guests will enjoy.
  14. It’s not all about booze : For kids and alcool non-consumers, it’s essential to offer appealing non-alcohol options.

Hope that I didn’t scare you and that your still up to the task?

Have a wonderful wedding!

Source of the advise : Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine, Summer 2013, by Patricia Napier-Fitzpatrick (Etiquette Advisor) & Talmadge Lowe (Mixologist).


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