Savor the Mudroom entrance hall at its best!

Mud room genialWhat is the mudroom entrance hall? Our American neighbors call it “Mudroom”. It is a spacious entry that contains an entire storage system to hold coats, boots, shoes, accessories, backpacks and more.

Thus, our main entrance is not at all encumbered by the comings and goings. It can thus be kept clean and orderly and give a very good impression at all times.

The mudroom as for it must be thought in space, but also the content that we want to integrate. More things are easy to access, easy to find and accommodates all ages as well, everyone can then maintain order.

To remember :

  • baskets or drawers for holding scarves, mittens and hats.
  • spaces to receive backpacks, school bags, work bags and handbags.
  • empty pocketers for the big one’s
  • possibly a charging space for electronic elements ?!

Mud room idee genial

Here’s an idea I find great. In arranging the bench under the window has dual purpose.

  1. The bench facilitates everyday life to drop off our things before leaving and put or remove shoes and boots.
  2. When opening the lid of the bench, an ingenious drying system is installed for hats, mittens and boots. They may be strung on plastic cylinders vertically installed. Below, a baseboard heater does all the work.

Idea source and images: Magazine Je décore, Rangement intelligent, 2008.


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