3 Ways To Boost Your Productivity And Health

Read this article from James Clear and it’s so true for me also!

We all know the health risks factor from stress and not enough exercising, but to actually link also our health with productivity, why not? If we’re not enough productive at work and at home, we’ll be stressed out, so it’s totally logical that it can endanger us with the rebound effect. What about a great serein life if you’re always stressed out because you’re  constantly running, to get to work, to catch up with the work load of the day, to help out other coworkers that are behind, to be on time to pick up the kids at day care or school, to complete the night routine supper-dishes-homework-clean up-baths and a little quality time with your kids and husband! Ouf!!! It’s exhausting just to say it out loud!

Here’s three time-management tips :

1. Eliminate Half-Work at All Costs

In our age of constant distraction, it’s stupidly easy to split our attention between what we should be doing and what society bombards us with. Usually, we’re balancing the needs of messages, emails and to–do lists at the same time that we are trying to get something accomplished. It’s rare that we are fully engaged in the task at hand. I call this division of your time and energy “half–work.” Focus!

The best way I’ve found to overcome this problem is to block out significant time to focus on one project and eliminate everything else. How much more could you achieve if you did the work you needed to do the way you needed to do it and eliminated the half–work, half–wandering that we fill most of our days with?

2. Do the Most Important Thing First

Disorder and chaos tend to increase as your day goes on. Meantime, the decisions and choices you make throughout the day tend to drain your willpower. The result: You’re less likely to make a good decision at the end of the day than you are at the beginning.
My solution? I do my best to make sure that if there is something important I need to do, I do it first. If you do the most important thing first, then you’ll never have a day when you didn’t get something important done. By following this simple strategy, you will usually end up having a productive day, even if everything doesn’t go to plan.

3. Reduce the Scope, but Stick to the Schedule

There might be occasions when deadlines make sense, but I’m convinced that when it comes to doing important work over the long–term, following a schedule is much more effective. When it comes to the day–to–day grind, however, following a schedule is easier said than done.

To counteract the unplanned distractions that occur and overcome the tendency to be pulled off track, I’ve made a small shift in how I approach my schedule. My goal now is to put the schedule first and not the scope, which is the opposite of how we usually approach our goals.

Finish something today, even if the scope is smaller than you anticipated.

Give it a try and tell me about it!

Idea Source : Forbes Website, November 24th 2014.


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