Learning to manage its marketing can be learned?

photo-professionnelle Melanie FontaineI’ll tell you about my meeting with Mélanie Fontaine.

To do some marketing today is no longer manage and thought the same way as before. When we think to do marketing for our business, it is a portion of ingenuity, a portion of conk and trial and error. And yes! This is no longer an exact science and what works for one may not necessarily apply to another. It is a fact that marketing through social networks bring a business to open up to the world. And more!

In the folder with Mrs Fontaine, I arrived at her home, since she has a home office in Quebec City. She was my third winner of the draw of the Foire des entrepreneurs of Quebec. She is a therapist who accompanies and equips people toward transformation of inner wellbeing.  I am thrilled to have been able to advise her about marketing through social networks, made her life easier with small tricks, have better visibility and promote her business to potential new customers.

When I contacted her, so it has been heard, a social media marketing mini-training were very appropriate for her. But of course, we discussed planning in all its forms in business, for better management and better time management.

During our meeting, I introduced her with :

  • The organization :
    • an organization system with my portable organization box to improve management, planning and organization
    • specifications of note taking to facilitate her work and customer follow up
    • Wunderlist :
      • since it is a web tool and a mobile application, so it facilitates note-taking, for customer follow up and call backs
  • Related to accounting, I have sent her an article about Freshbooks and Quickbooks. So she can take an enlighten decision on the subject.
  • The training portion of social networks :
    • At her request we discussed marketing only of the seven (7) major interfaces. I have presented it to her, explained it and demonstrated it.
    • the Facebook interface :
      1. management and use of a personal and a professional account page
      2. plus possible marketing tips with a professional page and its statistics
    • Twitter, Google +, Youtube, Linkedin, Pinterest interface
      1. management and application of marketing
  • We even had time to approach marketings strategies such as contests, “Flock to unlock”, etc.

This training was a little touch all like you may have noticed and that is precisely what appeals to my customers. Having presented, explained, demonstrated, she could see the benefits and what pleased her most. This meeting enabled her to understand and plan marketing through social networks, for tips on organization and planning and a hint of accounting and  structure, know how to used it, managed and have a better view of all of these new tools. While improving its visibility to customers!

Here is her comment after our meeting:

Hello Anick, it was a pleasure to meet you.

  • I liked your idea of your organizational box system. This can help people who are moving. For me, it gave me an idea to maybe make me a box that I drag from top to bottom ;o)
  • I liked to know: Wunderlist.
  • Since I knew a lot about social networks, it allowed me to validate some things and find out what I could do with Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest.
  • I liked to approach this notion, because I did not know it: marketings strategies such as contests, Flock to Unlock, etc.

In summary, our meeting gave me ideas to put up with Pinterest and Twitter and also the tools for the contests.

Good success!

Mélanie Fontaine, Overall health therapist, Quebec

Now that you understand a little better what constitutes the marketing training on social networks that normally has to be a duration of 6 hours to be complete and well seen and mastered in an office or a business. Maybe you have clients or acquaintances who are entrepreneurs and SMEs for whom the training in organization, marketing or social media that I offer would be appreciated or appropriate for them? (Importantly: my training adapts to each customer)

For more testimonials click here.


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