Our pillows do they need to be replaced?

Oreiller et propreteTo find out, we evaluate two criteria:

  1. Comfort. It is his ability to hold air that makes a comfortable pillow. In order for our pillow to last, one should refloat it every morning and air it every week. To test the condition of a feather pillow or duvet, we clamp it very strongly against itself and releases it: it should regain its shape immediately. In the case of a synthetic fiber pillow, it is folded in two and we place a tennis shoe (or other item of similar weight) on it: the pillow should unfold and bounce the object resuming its original shape.
  2. Hygiene. Dust mites love warm, humid corners: after only one year, these little critters responsible for allergies would account for 10% of the weight of our pillows! After 10 years, it is 70% … In short, although our pillow comfort passes the test, it is recommended to replace it at least every three years, to limit the risk of allergies and respiratory problems.

Source : Coup de Pouce Magazine, June 2010, by Martine Gingras & Isabelle Morin, translated by Anick Giroux.


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