Beware of the “filled small boxes syndrome”

You sure have a family calendar on the fridge door. You have all these little boxes for each day of the month. December is obviously full.

But you know, these little boxes are at our disposal, not necessarily to be filled, but to record NECESSARY things to do that day. To have one myself and have seen hundreds in many homes that I visit, I noticed that we all have the habit of always wanting to put something in. And rarely there is written “nothing to do with the family” in these little boxes.

You tell me that it is impossible to do nothing for a day. You are probably right now. But the perfect opportunity to put “nothing to do” in the schedule arrives in a few weeks with the holidays. yourself Launch the challenge to enroll right away (at least one day during the long weekend) and believe me, you’ll take the hang of it.

A day to do nothing. What is nothing?

Here are some examples:

  • Do not dress for the day and do not make the beds.
  • Take leave of bath and even brushing teeth (yes, we do not die!)
  • Watch several rented movies or listen to our favorite show recorded continuously with popcorn and treats.
  • Picnic in the living room with pizza in paper plates, of course, because there leave of dishes!
  • Play games all day.
  • Call all the aunts, cousins, friends we have not seen through the holiday and we only chat without being pressed! We put everything on speakerphone for the whole family.
  • We go to the movies in pajamas.
  • We take a nap everyone in the same bed after a long walk outside or skating.
  • We eat cereal for dinner.

You get the idea? Fun, relaxing and above all it brings amazing memories! I challenge you! This unexpected day plan, it will be even more successful! And please, do not cheat. Not even a small load between two movies please.

Source: Familles d’Aujourd’hui Web Site, Translated by Anick Giroux.


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