Happiest Worst Nightmare for Entrepreneur

Yes you read right!

After you’ve decided to become a full time entrepreneur and took your passion to the full speed, now you’re ecstatic because it finally works. Yes! Your business has finally taken off. But here’s your worst nightmare.

If you’re like most entrepreneur, your skills are most likely to be :

  • Sales
  • Customer services

Why? Because if these weren’t good you wouldn’t have the success you have now! But what about :

  • Filling
  • Abundance of paper and virtual content
  • Excessive archive
  • Accounting
  • Etc

This occur when you have too much work on your platter and you need to hire some help in order to get organized and back on track without the stress of being overwhelmed by the tasks at hand. Who should you hire? Every decision should be made in accordance to money investment, work load and business efficiency.

In other word, it’s not “I love to do this” but more “I need to do this because my time is more well spent and anyone can do this other specific task.”

Order vs Clutter! Our name says it all. We offer Business Organizational Services. What does it entail :

  • At the spatial level :
    • Agenda
    • Mail
    • Memo and small papers
    • Return call
    • Desk
    • Desk drawer
    • Filing cabinet : client files – suppliers – Projects -Accounting
    • Bookcase
    • Inventory
    • Archives
    • Ergonomics
  • At the virtual level :
    • Agenda
    • Desk
    • Email
    • Files
    • Archives
    • Back up
    • Automatisation
  • Training included :
    • Agenda
    • Note taking
    • Customer follow up (after-sales or customer service)
  • Portable organization box

Hope for this upcoming Christmas that you invest on your business, to relief it and yourself from the stress that it generate!


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