I’m so Happy :)))


Hello everyone,

Yes I am really happy! Why? Because for the longest while I was postponing the redaction of my contracts.

You’re probably thinking : “Why in the world a small business owner offering services wants/needs to write legal contracts to offer her services?”

Well let me tell you the actual why.

In a not so long ago life, I met with 3 website designer companies and asked all my questions, requested information and asked about their thoughts and procedures. I did learn the lingo then and there. At that time I didn’t know a thing about HTML coding, website, blogs, but I’m a really fast learner, let me tell you. After those meetings I’ve finally decided to use the services of one of those. We were in July of 2011. I was told that in a month I would get my brand new website. I was so excited to be able to be in control and soon to be able to enjoy being a business owner. We’re talking here about a bilingual website boutique. No blog. It was an Open source website. I provided them with all the content for the pages in both languages :

  • About
  • Contact us
  • Preparation and Delivery time
  • Privacy
  • Return Policy
  • Conditions of Use
  • Taxes information
  • Suggestion Box

I’ve provided these in a matter of a week after accepting to work with them. I finally received my site at the end of october 2011. Three months!!! It took them three months to actually deliver me a site with the content I had provide them and now I had to add all my merchandise in it to be able to sell it. Easy when you say it like that. But don’t forget that the difference between a storefront boutique and a web boutique is this.

  1. Storefront : You receive your catalog of merchandise, you select, buy and eventually you receive the products and then you place it in your store. Customer walks in likes it buys it.
  2. Website : You do all these steps plus, you need  a nice picture. Don’t forget each time a picture is worth a thousand words. A full description of the product. Measurement. Before you even think of showing this little item in a web boutique. The customer can’t touch, feel, visualise the actual item. You’re the one to do it for them. So you do need to provide all this in order for them to think of actually buying this particular item.

It took me a month to implant 15 000 items in my store, in both languages. Yes you read right. But that’s another debate for another time.

When you live this type of situation, I mean there’s no contract. You already started to pay for a service-product, but you haven’t finally received it. You’re actually in limbo land. Someone could argue that this is the way. I say this is the way when you misguide your customer. This is why I’ve decided to put in writing actual contracts that will help both parties to understand the process-service-training that I offer and the steps to fulfill them. It’ll protect both parties. Not only me the business owner but also my customers. Now that all those contracts are done, in both languages, I feel proud! Proud of myself for doing it, but also for offering a quality service where I’ve actually taken the time to take a bad personal situation and turning it in a safer situation for my future customer.

Now let’s sign some contracts shall we!!!


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