Oh misery! I’m in paradise…

Here you have to take my subject however to the second level!

As a spatial and virtual organizer with my new contract, I’m having a blast. Imagined this! A client who has his business for nearly 40 years. He’s a professional. A building expert. He has two employees at his service. However, neither the one nor the other have the time to ensure that the office is organized. As they say: “The business most go on!” In addition, management has a little collector or recycler side.

IMG_0839To give you an example, here is the mountain of empty cartridge amassed. When I asked him: “Why do you keep them?” His answer: “I thought I could fill them or others but I have no instructions just the boxes with empty cartridges.” Know that most manufacturing ink cartridge companies, will send (if it’s not already in the box) a packing slip for it recovers and recycles. If not, do not preserved them please! Bring them at Staples or your recycling city center, they will do the necessary.

In total, I will have destroyed 12 filling boxes of archive documents. Some date back to 1995. The main rule for the retention of records is 6 years plus the current year. So we must keep the documentation from 2010 to the present. For details on the retention period of documents and the document type look at this. Since certain documents need to be kept for that one possesses the and others for a lifetime. In addition, there are other rules for companies that can demand greater conservation of documentation. Watch this document.

IMG_0844Here are the tools for the destruction of documents. Not one but three noisy monsters. It is a necessary evil to protect your business against fraud or identity theft. The customer expects that we protects their identity too.

Do not forget! When you keep outdated equipment, an old and outdated inventory, well you are using and paying for square feet for nothing. This is a dead inventory! You should instead, discard, recycle, give away or sell at a huge discounts and thus maximizing your space as much as the costs connected to it.

An organizational service is not a cleaning service or cleaning, but rather a service that helps you to organize yourself and to well structure you to maximize your time and be a better manager of it.


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