Wait! Stop! Think before…

IMG_0856Well Hello everyone,

I don’t want to be dramatic or anything, but…

People buy houses. But first they fall in love with the actual house. They buy it. And then they rip it all, gutted all, and they refurbished it with brand new. Without knowing if it was only a fling or actually deep and intance love.

I read somewhere that before you actually plan renovation, you should plan it like a garden. I like this imagery!

You live a full year in the house to actually see all the details, that you love, cherish or despise. What you would like to change? What you would need to change? The addition that needs to be done in order to have more light, more organisation, more flow.

We actually waited almost five years before doing so. We spoke about it. I dreamt about it. I searched. Pinned. Scanned magazine. And finally went store shopping to make the actual decision.

The first room we tackled was the main bathroom. Placed in between the master bedroom and the kitchen. The dimension couldn’t change very much nor be displaced. It was in an L shaped. Dimension : 6 X 8 in the deepest part and 6 X 6 in the smallest. The final dimensions’ are 8 X 12.

IMG_0854Here were the main irritant :

  1. Leaking bathtub
  2. Very old beige molded bathtub
  3. White plastic walls with corner shelves above the bath
  4. Combined bath-shower unit
  5. Unpleasant shower curtain
  6. Small cabinets above the washer and dryer. Also they were original brown wood with canner decoration in the doors.
  7. Same brown color and design for the sink vanity.
  8. Old white one piece sink-counter including the small two inch backsplash. So old, it stained and it was hard to maintain.
  9. Not enough hanging location for the towels.
  10. Mix color of gold and silver in the accessories
  11. Fan not enough powerful
  12. A three section mirror pharmacie above the vanity, the mirrors were chipped at the corners. Small.
  13. And a little half wall in between the toilet area and the washer-dryer area, it made the bathroom seem smaller and less spacious.IMG_0866
  14. Not up to date.
  15. It was so ugly that I don’t have any picture. But I do have my plan!


What we needed :

  1. A no mess area for the bathing kids.
  2. A spa feeling
  3. A spacious feel
  4. A bright space
  5. A define laundry section

What we did :

  1. Choose a white, gray and chrome pallet with hints of teal for the color punch
  2. Choose a double flushable toilet, with automatic closing seat cover toilet
  3. A white vanity cabinet, with a white undermount sink and a carrera counter top
  4. White ceramic on the walls and white paint
  5. Gray wood barn imitation ceramic on the floor
  6. White freestanding tub
  7. A duo tub-shower section
  8. Glass shower doors
  9. Lots of cabinets for the laundry section
  10. Restack my washer-dryer for more convenient space
  11. A new powerful dual fan-ceiling light with a timer
  12. New ceiling heating appliance

What do you think of the result?


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