Finding of an entrepreneur

sticky-notes-importantThrough my training and my personality, organization, planning and to put systems in place is a second nature to me. However, it is not given to everyone. I’m not saying that people are compulsive collectors, but some do not have the gift of that sens.

It is therefore very appropriate for me to offer you my services for:

  1. your planner becomes your best friend.
  2. your emails boxes no longer seem to take all your time and be a bottomless pit of tasks and reading, but rather a tool of communication that facilitates your life, informs you and makes you smile.
  3. you have time to do all the tasks necessary for the smooth running of your business, without making tons of overtime.

I’m not saying that I’m perfect! It is said that perfection is not of this world! By cons, I can tell you that following the “Foire des entrepreneurs”, my follow up  client is up to date. That is to say, the winners have been contacted and handed over the price, the people who gave me their business cards have all been contacted and to date I already know that among them are business partners, who are prospective potential customers, who are not interested. This in a period of 30 days following the event.

blogBut still! When speaking of organization people think automatically to paperwork, but what about planning?  Proper planning of the time or tasks that allows an entrepreneur to create whether it is for me the writing phase and translation of my blog, or looking for ideas or to share content by third parties, or creating training content, consultation or tools for the clientele or simply learning to use a new medium like Instagram, to properly plan the propagation on social networks by programming, become knowledgeable about the type of content that the audience likes, contact new partners or customers, to provide customer service with a peerless étiquette, to keep abreast of new developments to be proactive with customers, etc.

If I told you that in a former life, I was administrative assistant and as part of my duties, keep a close watch on the smooth running of all business spheres and even plan the whole thing for a trip (airfare, train, hotel booking, itinerary, show ticket, etc.) as what planning is a method that I have proven in multiple reprise.

Perhaps should you use it?


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