When one speaks to you of social networks are you in the fog?

P1010034If you are an entrepreneur from recently or a long time, you’re probably wondering: My company does it need social networking? Whatever its structure, size and type, this question as an entrepreneur we have asked it to ourself at one time or another.

Twenty years ago social media did not exist. The management of information and advertising were made by traditional methods (newspapers, yellow page, billboard, word of mouth). Today, the entrepreneur must consider several distribution methods for its advertising. He must decide on where he wants to market his business (web or traditional), his shop will be  a storefront, online, or both.

Starting today, I am pleased to tell you about social networking. You will find general information on social media, their uses and their reasons for being. In future articles, I will expose even more detail of how to use social media to advertise.

Social media is a priori a tool to promote themselves. The old word of mouth is here maximized by delivering content through social media. So rather than a satisfied customer talking to a potential customer of your products and services in a few mouse clicks a satisfied customer can share your latest release in Facebook by adding a comment and it will be seen by all his Facebook friends and so on. On average Facebook users has an average of 100 friends per person. Here, a profitable word of mouth campaign!

What are the social networks that you use?


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