An experience that made me grow!

Every entrepreneur has started his own business from an idea or an event.

Mine came from an event. A long and joyous event. A second baby boy!

That event made me rethink of my path, my career, my family life, but mainly the main questions were :

What do you want?

What do you want in life?

What do you love?

What are you good at?

What do you want to do for the rest of your life?

The answer was easy for me.

Not return to a boring job.

Create my own business.

Be my own boss.

Be an actual entrepreneur.

They say that when you want to be an entrepreneur you win some and fail at some.

“The one who falls and gets up 

is so much stronger 

than the one who never fell.” 


I must say that I did fall or fail and yes I did learn from those mishaps.

At first, because I didn’t like what was on the market for nurseries and playrooms. I actually created 4 nurseries and a playroom business plan, furniture plan, business partners agreement contact and more. This project never came to life. It was quashed because of lack of courtesy or truthfulness from the furniture manufacturer. So sorry for my bitterness!!! I know. I have and am a positive person, but I’m still a little angry for this project collecting dust still sitting in my filing cabinet.

After a while, I couldn’t wait any longer.

Since I was a little girl, my mother would give me the chore to decorate the table. Older, I would go and shop for what I needed to create a beautiful party.

I love parties!

Who doesn’t? So I decided to start a party boutique. Sat down with everything I could put my hands on or that I had already. Read everything. I finally decided that what I did want and need was a web party boutique. I went shopping for a web master.

What an experience!!! 

You need to be a super fast learner. Not because I created the website, but because if you want to follow an actual comprehensive conversation with a web master and their team

  • you need to grasp the terminologie,
  • know what you want,
  • what you really don’t want,
  • be aware that the actual program you’re talking about right now will be obsolete in less then two years,
  • know your 1-2-5 year plan and vision for your shop
  • and more.

A month, after the reception of my website :

  • it was up an running
  • I had implement 15 000 products
  • and my social medias platform were open.

The Grand opening of Coeur en Fête occurred on November 28, 2011. From year to year changes have happened. Like my blog. Already when I received my website I knew I wanted a blog. I wanted to talk about parties and gifts. I wanted to discuss with my clientele. Write a blog that interest me and will for sure interest others. Provide them with some insight on party planning and more. So I requested from my web master a blog.

I hope that you enjoy this new series as much as for me to share it.

“Life is a serie of rites of 

passage that allows us to live 

the present in good company 

and hope for the future so that 

we can remember the beautiful 

moments of the past.” 

-Anick Giroux


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