Improvised Florist: The basics of creating bouquet

How many times have you been ecstatic in front of floral arrangements for a wedding or those of the local florist? Our step by step guide will help you set yourself to the task of preparing your container to adding the finishing touch. If an item in your bouquet you do not like, you can withdraw at any stage of your creative process and replace it with something else. It’s that simple!

Gather the materials

The basic equipment necessary for making a bouquet that will impress is easy to find. It will take the floral foam, bamboo sticks (or popsicle sticks), the wire for flowers, ribbon flowers or masking tape, a sharp knife, scissors, shears, ornaments and, although naturally, a vase and flowers.

Prepare your containers

Cut the foam so that it goes in the center of the vase and drop it there. Crisscross two pieces of ribbon flowers on top of the vase, and they form a “framework” that will stabilize the flowers. And feel free to add other pieces of tape if during the installation of your bouquet, you need it.

Cut the stems

In a bowl filled with cold water or under running water in a sink, cut the stems diagonally with scissors or a sharp knife so that they have the length you want. When the stems are cut under water, their vessels are open, so they can continue to absorb the nutrients they need.

Start at the center

Place large, sturdy flowers in the center, removing leaves too (do not forget the rule of odd numbers [3, 5, 7, 9] to create a symmetrical and balanced effect). For fleshy stems that bend easily attach them to pin bamboo with wire flowers. Do not forget to cut the twisted stems so that water can continue to feed them.

Add flowers

As a table centerpiece, add flowers around those you have placed in the center of the vase. If your vessel is against a wall, focus on the front and sides. In the bouquet improvised Florist: Romantic, we used silky peonies. And to complement the tide rose a touch of green, we added snapdragons flowers.

Enhance your bouquet

Insert small flowers in the blanks. We used pink tulips and delicate hydrangeas. Carnations, baby’s breath, the big camomile and wild carrots are also ideal. Get inspired by the arrangements made by your florist and try different combinations.

Add decorations

Add decorations such as feathers and paper butterflies or sprinkle your bouquet of roses tulle. Cut a small piece of tulle and tie it to a bamboo stick with a wire flowers. Plant them around the bouquet. To add a splash of color, add dried green peas or glass beads.

Source: La vie Simplifiée (Home Made Simple) Web Site, March 5th 2012, translated by Anick Giroux.


Originally published on Coeur en Fête Blog : November 08 2013.


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